Postcards from the Wastelands

The Worst Summer Ever!

“More Trident anybody?” Asked the new P.M. hopefully. 


 “No thank you, Terreza. I doubt, that I could even manage another tiny mouthful and that Plutonium topping, is simply darling but I regret that I must decline,” answered the rather plump guest, defensively.

 I’m having a certain amount of trouble, with “The Labour Party” at the moment. What with The Jeremy of C, endlessly playing Militant Tendency 2,  “The Hatton’s Revenge” on his Amstrad Door Stop – personalised brick stylee computer – the ghost of Uncle Joe is rising from the remains of his fetid political party, inevitably leading to a repeat of the early 80’s.


“Prepare thi’ sen, for a lifetime of opposition, mi ‘arties.”

O.K, so I am now a member of The Green Party…….

Don Didondom Trump, America’s Boris J is talking endless crap over the pond and with this place being held hostage to fortune, by a bunch of Brexit morons, who sadly believe that they can have their cake and eat it …… twice.


 “Jeebus, we’re all fucked.” 

 Add to that the utterly crappy weather and this has got to be:

“The worst summer……. ever!”


Ship of fools…..sail away from me!

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