Postcards from the Wastelands

The Blog of The Damned.


Another summer, another tooled up time for ‘the agents of fear’ to feast on. At least until the snow starts to fall and be it, a new bird flu that could easily mutate into another Ebola stylee virus. 1001 Jehadi Knights, or just another face of Jesus on a cream cracker, I always find myself rhetorically enquiring as to wether, any of it really matters?
Maybe it’s supposed to be comforting, or something like that however,if it simply serves as a small stain on my skin, that in its consequence, is barely of any lasting interest, then I will simply wait until it fades and is forgotten during the relentless passage of a few other “real time” events.

I worry more about all the lies, that our so called leaders systematically bleat, while hoping to confuse and deceive us. Do you clearly remember the new Northern Powerhouse, that we were all promised and then latterly conned over, well that seems to have suddenly morphed into just another dream of a mythical Jerusalem. The city in the clouds, which promises an earthly paradise but delivers only a fraction of that fallacious utopian agreement.

“How so”? Asks the believer.
Well, that’s gone the way of Copernicus and is now, simply a pile of ashes, that will be blown away only to be forgotten, just as the ‘agent of fear’ hoped. Memory is therefore metaphorically dissolved, amid all the blatant acts of diversionary clutter, which are brought to our attention by the relentless news broadcasts, liberally punctuated by ‘Weather reports’ and ‘Travel updates.’ Any intelligent soul, can easily see through subterfuge and calmly awaits the next horror, that will inexorably be along at any moment, only to be blown up into “a crisis,” if required.

Sadly, that will continue until the end of days.

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