Postcards from the Wastelands

739000b463c7bfff33c0f256ba547f3b  Women’s World Cup Update

The Japanese Women’s Football team are about to gain revenge for the dropping of the second one at Nagasaki and they just keep on smiling, as they totally destroy the finest examples of womanhood, that country A,B, or C for that matter has to offer up to the sacrificial altar of recognizable success, in the male dominated world of soccer.
I use the term “soccer” because it gives the women’s game, a distinct separation from the blokes version of the same thing. Blokes football seems to have taken on the uglier characteristics of professional wrestling.
“Don’t look David, it may affect your sperm count but a passing feather seems to have knocked down, that rough tough striker chappie.”
The U.S.A, are going down I suspect. Megan Rapino is suspended and there goes the fire. However, then there’s the German team to contend with and they are something else.
Didn’t watch much footy on the box, just the odd game until the 2012 Olympic Games, when having quickly become passe about winning another Gold, Silver or Bronze and in desperation, I began to watch the Women playing football.
“What a revelation, supoib.”
They don’t listen to me but somebody should weaponize it and put a game on every week, then see what happens.
The English women are more successful than the blokes at present and probably will be for quite a while into the future, if the Under 21’s team, that got knocked out of The European Championships, yesterday is anything to go by…….

Bring on the dancing horses…… semi finals here I come!

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