Postcards from the Wilderness


11.26 a.m and the full horror of last night “chicken out” by the British public, hasn’t quite sunk in yet.
“Better the monster you know,” appears to have won the day and now all hell will break loose. “Look out Joe, £12 billion of cuts are coming around the bend and heading for those, who can barely afford to keep the wolf from the door.”
Of course, that doesn’t matter because “I’m all right, Jack” seems to be ‘trending’ and it’s always easy to blame somebody else, the bods in this country do it all the time, it’s become second nature to the English and it’s spreading. At least Scotland bucked the trend and kicked a few of the bastards, up the arse.
Niggle Forage, The Millipeed and Nick de Clog, will now skulk off having casually dropped us in it and wash their respective hands of the whole debacle. Simpering alien weasels a go-go, with the side serving of a Bacon Butty, thrown in for good measure.

* “I fell in love with an alien being, who’s skin was jelly and who’s teeth were green.
She had the big buggereess and the death ray glare, feet like waterwings, purple hair.
I was over the moon, I asked her back to my place and then I voted for the monster’s from outer space.”

“Isn’t Science-Fiction wonderful,” you all cry?

No not really but sometimes I wonder, “What planet are you from?”

*Thanks to Johnny Clarke.

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