Death Dances in the Shadows


Excerpt from “Powderfinger” : Winter, Chapter 32

Seemingly, all it had taken was a few murders, some strange mortal wounds on the corpses of the victims and the formation of a secret cabal, which was now, only inches away from acquiring a secret handshake, to bring them together.

His car sped rapidly through the light traffic, so he found himself at his destination rather early. Alex pulled over at the end of the lane which led to Jaqui’s abode, and checked the time. He sat, twiddling his thumbs, listening to some music on the car stereo and watching the clock slowly tick towards the appointed moment. He felt like some idiotic young man, attempting to hide from his girlfriend’s parents. “Stupid,” it undoubtedly was but “god, it’s still exciting,” even after all these years. As the time drew near, he drove onward and parked outside her home. “Get a grip, you silly old fart. Get out of the fucking car, go knock on the door and see if Jinx wants to come out to play.” That small, amusing nugget of childish banter, made him smile internally but it failed to prevent, a nervous reversion to something resembling a spotty kid, who actually, knew nothing about women and was just winging it.

On the periphery of his vision, he registered that there was something in the room, that was moving. He looked up above his head, at the dancing dark silhouettes, that were playing across the ceiling of the room. Gnarled and cold, the shapes of the bare tree branches, danced noticeably in the stiffening breeze outside and played against the white light given off by a modern version of a Victorian Street Lamp. As he peered into the shadows, his eyes started to play tricks on his mind. The random flickering shapes began to form a corporeal essence and it was no longer a matter of shadows. Again, it felt as if he was almost reliving those moments inside the No.1 Shed at The Ravens Gate. He could feel the fear rising in his chest and a single bead of sweat, slowly ran down his brow and fell silently, onto the mattress.

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