Postcards from the Wilderness

markesmith     “God help this poor boy.”

I have to admit, the uncomfortable truth.
I’m really enjoying listening to The Fall.

I realise that this is not normal behaviour but I can’t help it. Some of their / his  stuff, is fucking clever. I used to think John Peel, had gone mad. “Mad I tell you,” when he used to go on about The Fall but I think that I was in error. Now I take it all back.

Don’t get me wrong, he was often a real dick but sometimes he got stuff spot on and we all simply had closed ears.

CaptainBeefheart1972-01-15b  When they’re good, they’re fucking brilliant. A British version of       Captain Beefheart but with less blues and more beer.

“Revolting Mancunian in Boddingtons-ah fuelled dimentia scare-ah.”

“I plead insanity.”

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