Death Dances in the Shadows

A-murder-of-crowsExcerpt from “Powderfinger” : Winter Chapter 28
Feeling that his duty, as an ‘old mate,’ was now completed, he abruptly changed the subject and the tone of the meeting changed. Alan, brought Nick crashing back down to earth again, by darkly interjecting, “I don’t want to worry you but you can see from my place, that the big black birds, have returned to The Ravens Gate. I noticed them, growing in numbers” and after a long sigh, he added, “Something bad is going to happen, trust me.” Nick, sat silently and just looked at Alan. All thoughts of the lovely Jennifer, had flown from his mind when Alan had spoken those ominous words. “How do you know,” he said questioningly? “Call it a feeling. Call it intuition, call it whatever you fucking well like but it’s following a pattern I’ve seen before.” Now, he had got Nick’s full attention. “You’ve seen this sort of thing before?” He queried. “No, not exactly.” Said Alan, “I’ve seen this pattern of events pan out before, it always starts with a gathering of Ravens, and I can tell you this much, it never ends well.” Nick, just looked at him, and disbelievingly, shook his head. “So what you’re saying is, this thing, isn’t over yet.” Alan, returned his concerned look and simply added, “No, I don’t think so, not by a long chalk.”

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