Postcards from the Wastelands


Somebody should tell Jeremy Kyle, that you can’t become addicted to Cannabis / Marijuana / L.S.D./ Magic Mushrooms and many other things…….Psychotropics / Mind altering substances, call them whatever you like. His endless schpielling of the crap is counter productive. Maybe the rabble in the studio, are so thick, that they honestly believe him but I doubt there are that many morons still active in this world today.

OK, UKIP voters excluded!

“Sometimes the needs of the one, outweigh the needs of the many.” Spock, must have been out of his Vulcing head, when he came up with that one. He will be sadly missed………

“Stay stoned and prosper, y’all,” replied McCoy and passed the Joint to Scotty………
“Captain, the brainbox cannae take it, it’s going to blow.”

I’ve been a regular user of the weed, for many, many years and I’ve always approached each new ‘high,’ with the same expectations. (1). This is going to stone me, “Da-da-da-da-dah.”
Or, (2). It isn’t doing the right thing for me, at this point in my life. “Oh well, it’s back to the Brown again.”

There’s no addiction here, I simply enjoy it and the Keller Yeats novel, “Powderfinger,” would never have been written without it.  “All hail the Weed, the bringer of light to this world.”

Now if it was Heroin, Meth, Crack, or Cocaine & Co, we were talking about, you’d have a point to make. However, having been a smoker / vaporizer for decades, I have to report that, sadly, I’m not psychotic.

I don’t go “Cold Roller,” when I can’t get a toke for some time and it’s not a gateway drug either. When I was a young man, I tried all sorts of ‘stuff’ but always came back to “the smokes.” Music sounded better and life ran at the correct pace for me. I don’t advocate anything for anyone else, just remember, it only matters that you’re at peace with yourself.
*Note. Believe me, it certainly doesn’t make your hair grow. “I blame my paternal grandfather for that.”

Mind you, if they invented something that guaranteed your Cock grew to a minimum of 10 inches and the hard-on was for the duration of the stone, then I reckon that could have been classified as, “Psychological Addiction.” Some people, wouldn’t even have to take it, to become addicted……..
“Buy Schlong and get the new religion.”
You could even develop “Schlong ‘Extra’, for the connoisseurs, or prospective pole vaulters.

“Can you dig it?”

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