Death Dances in the Shadows


Excerpt from “Powderfinger” Winter: Chapter 27

“Nobody knew what lay beyond the barrier,” said Mason in his falsely deep hammy American accent, as if he was desperately trying to interest the listener in the latest Twilight Zone episode

“Just look at these clothes,” she said with a hint of incredulous wonderment. “If I didn’t know better, I would say that given a good wash and an ironing, these garments, although period, would look almost new.” Then, she silently transferred her attention, to the hems of their dresses, gently removing the small amounts of hardened mud, that had fallen on the blue and cream, floral material with a wooden spatula and placed it carefully into a sample bottle. “Only the slightly frayed edges to some of the fabric indicates any age at all and just using ‘ballpark’ estimates of the age of this cloth, without any testing, I would have to gauge, that we would be talking about no more, than ten, to fifteen years at max. However, you are claiming more like two, or three hundred years?” Mel, was incredulous. “Then, you won’t mind, if I take a small cloth sample?” She could be very forceful and he wasn’t about to stand in her way, “No, please go ahead” agreed Mase and whilst, she snipped away a small sample, she continued talking. “Looking solely at the degree of desiccation, with regard to the skin of both victims, we could be talking about something else going on here.” Then she fell into some deep silent thought and began to move her head from side to side, as if she were considering a few possible radical options. “I don’t know but they somehow look, as if they were frozen in time, or something like that.” She murmured, then fell silent again, continuing to shake her head from side to side, as she considered something…..

Mason listened to his colleague and it was obvious that she was equally transfixed by the two bodies, which had been delivered yesterday, complete with a tag that read, ‘Canal bank dig opposite Quaker Crossing.

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