Death Dances in the Shadows


Short Excerpts from “Powderfinger”, Winter : Chapters 25/6

The concept filled him with a child like thrill, a mysterious tingling excitement ran up his back, born of anticipation. “Wow, perfect timing, or what?” he exclaimed. “I’m just reading about the curious history of the area, that this guy D.C Harrison, based a whole novel on.” Nick, was already envisioning the two dead friends, who were fused together and buried as one single body, in an extra large coffin, interned somewhere in the unconsecrated area of The Quaker Cemetery. Obviously, similar thoughts were running through both of their minds and in unison they said, “The two dead girls.” There was a silence as they both considered the possibilities but it was Alan who broke the silence. “Well, hopefully, there’s one thing this excavation will clarify and that’s the validity, or otherwise, of those old reports we found in the History Societies archives.”

* ~ *

There, just below his feet, in the shallow grave, lay the nearly mummified remains of a pair, of what appeared to be females, holding each other tightly. It was not the embrace of these two women that held the viewers attention. No, it was the fact that they both appeared to be seeing something long lost in history and whatever that ‘something’ was, it filled them both with abject terror. Both of their heads were turned, almost at a right angle to the floor of the casket and more importantly, both were staring at the same thing, totally terrified and screaming. It was so obvious to any onlooker, that these women’s passage into the next world had been so horrific, that it almost made one recoil. Then it struck him like a bolt out of the blue. “Holy crap, Man,” he barked. “These really are the two fused bodies from way back when.” He couldn’t take his eyes off them, that rictus look of terror which was forever etched on their faces, both fascinated and revolted him……..

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