Postcards from the Wastelands

davey_farage  CAN YOU DIG IT!

“It’s UKCONP for me Sonny Jim. They know who should be in charge.”
“Yes Siree.”

Vote for Fag smoking, Beer sloshing, “Man of the People”, public school boy, Niggle F. He’ll sort those Commie immigrants out.
“You mark my words.”

Thrill as you notice there’s a camp on every corner and you can have your very own Consvitch for the poor and disabled. It’s coming to a town like yours, in a few short months, courtesy of Iam Dickhead Schmitt.
“Arbiet Macht Farage,” y’all.

Unemployment down to literally, “nobody and their dog,” with wage rates hitting ground zero at Common Denominator Junction. In addition, there’s always the incentive, that enables you get up and go to work, every day for no real reward………

“Da daah!  Zero Hours Contracts!”
Don’t you just love the duplicity?

“Watch out, The Russians are coming.”
Enough already.

Uncle Vlad the Implausible, is a harmless idiot, similar to the likes of Uncle Tom Obama and the rest of the diplomatic rugby team, who are stuck in a permanent, corporate refereed scrum, sniffing each others farts.
“Too thick to live but far too stupid and greedy to die,” if you ask me.

Why not raise a black flag, with squiggles on it and set yourself on fire?

“See bitch, the answer is so simple……. Just, take drugs and see the world more clearly, through a distorted liquid lens…….”

“Can you dig it?”


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