Death Dances in the Shadows

dark-fantasy-backgrounds  Another excerpt from “Powderfinger” Winter, Chapter 24.

Nick, went on with his presentation. “I have placed some of the comments, that terrified members of the populace uttered at the time, next to the incident they were referring to, in order to emphasize the point.” Alan, was most impressed and uttered a barely couched, “Bravo,” when the opportunity arose. Nick, appreciated this gesture of solidarity and the glimmer of a smile passed across lips, as he continued his report. “‘My eye, just wouldn’t settle on it, no matter how hard I looked,’ stated Peter Timpson. ‘It seemed to be constantly, moving in and out of focus.’” This report, which originated in the late 1750‘s, carried this poor chaps comments and the picture that accompanied it, was to say the least, horrific. It portrayed, what seemed to be, a skeleton like figure, wearing something akin to a Monk’s Habit, baring long white teeth and snarling at the viewer. Nick paused for everyone to view the portrayal.
“Now, if we move on a few years, let’s say to 1817,” he said as he was clicking onto another page of his report and trying to locate the piece that he was looking for. “Ah yes, here it is,” he gushed in relief, at finding the item he wanted to illustrate his point more clearly. “Now, here we are some Fifty Seven years later and we come across this impression, of something ghostly, moving across the Quaker span, just two days after there had been another body found, in the water below the bridge.” He imperceptibly paused before continuing. “Note the similarity, between this newer account of the ‘goings on,’ and the one from the 1750’s.” It was Arch, who responded first, to his words. “I can see some similarity’s but there’s still nothing, that we can call a real connection,” he said while folding his arms.

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