Death Dances in the Shadows


Excerpts from “Powderfinger”: Winter, Chapter 23

By the time he managed to calm his over stimulated mind and cart himself off up the stairs, to bed, he was exhausted and barely had the strength to remove his jacket, throw it on the exercise bike and flop onto his bed. “Ooooh,” he groaned as his body, hit the sheets. Almost immediately, he drifted off into that blissful state, that inhabits the region between sleep and wakefulness but the full arms of Morpheus escaped him. Nick was caught in a loop and he couldn’t find the way out. He tossed and he turned, hopelessly searching for that cool, comfortable spot in his steadily warming bed. Seek it as he may, it remained just out of his reach. So, frustrated and overheated, he fell back on the pillow, with his arms outstretched, as if he were mimicking some kind of desperate Jesus, on a cushioned cross. He just lay there and waited for either sleep, or the need to relieve his bladder to win the steeplechase that his mind was undertaking. That night, the only dreams that troubled his barely unconscious sleeping mind, were of The Ravens Gate Bridge, all dark and foreboding. Dead women and a troubling report, that in his micro-dream, seemed to be traveling rapidly backwards along a dirt road, before fading away into the far distance.

9978_812628198788727_4082388868204516316_n  Billy, stuck his head out and just stared, almost mesmerized by the vision which met his eyes. There, right in the center of the entire works, was a figure which appeared at first glance, to be a man in rags but who it seemed, was almost impossible to get in focus. The yellow glow seemed to emanate from this being. No sooner was this figure locked into your gaze, than it just seemed to almost ‘dance away’ and slip, effortlessly out of phase, only to reappear and then, slip away again. The rhythmic, sinuous motions of it’s dance, captivated Billy. Slowly he became aware this creature was entwining him in it’s world with it’s enthralling dance, he could sense it cast a deadly spell upon it’s audience. Part of Billy knew he should be fleeing from this place, but he stayed where he was, utterly entranced by this sensuous, almost erotic display. As he stared at the swaying figure, he could feel his senses leaving his body and he became a little woozy, his head seemed to float in motion with the dance. He became unsteady on his feet. Almost falling, he reached for the closest solid object and clung on tightly. Nervously, Billy looked back towards the entity, trying to gauge if his movement had been seen. Mercifully, it appeared that his slip had gone unobserved.

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