Death Dances in the Shadows

Scary-Graveyard_300Another Excerpt from “Powderfinger”: Winter ; Chapter 19

Then, in hushed tones, they both simultaneously uttered the same unholy word into the telephone. “Powderfinger.”

Alex, thought that he heard Mrs. Draper’s voice behind him almost pleading, in her thin, weak tones, “You will catch him, won’t you?” He glanced over his shoulder, in the direction of the voice, to smile reassurance. He was going to offer Mrs Draper, a few kind words, that may give her a little peace and comfort her, that the Police, would hunt this individual down, no matter how long it took. However, try as he might he could not locate Mrs. Draper. He saw nobody, he was alone. Startled, he looked around and thought he saw someone leaving the graveyard, vanishing behind the church gable end. He couldn’t clearly make out, who it was he’d had just caught a glimpse of, departing the graveyard. Somehow he had lost himself, he didn’t know how long he had stood there encased in memory, but everyone else, had left the Funeral Service and he was the last person remaining in the graveyard. Although he was obviously alone, Alex couldn’t stop the feeling, that he was being surreptitiously observed.

As he was climbing back into his car, he felt distinctly uneasy, about the conduct of this whole investigation and he was sure, that there was more to this case, than appeared on first impression. Try as he might, he could not shake the disquieting, bleak thoughts, that there was something dark and inexplicable at work here. However, such tales of the unexpected and mention of things, ‘other worldly,’ didn’t tend to go down too well in the department, so any further investigations would have to continue on a surreptitious level. “Joe Crilly’s a solid enough bloke but a bit too, ‘by the book,’ for what I need right now but Arch, on the other hand, is fairly open minded and would appreciate a logical conclusion to this case” he thought to himself as he reached for his phone but he failed to get a solid enough connection. “Christ almighty,” he hissed as he pulled out of the cemetery. “Bloody hell. No signal, in a graveyard. What year do these guys think it is?”

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