Death Dances in the Shadows

Carrionstorm  Another Excerpt from “Powderfinger” Chapter 18

The cacophony grew louder still, until he thought that his eardrums would burst and his ears would start to bleed. Any rational thought was impossible, in the face of this whirlwind of feathers and noise surrounding him. Terry, could hear his own heart pounding and the blood coursing furiously through his body. Another strike from the rear propelled him onward, “Shit,” he yelped and he held his head in an attempt to rub away the pain the savage Avian had inflicted upon him. Another strike made him stumble and then, two more, almost simultaneous blows, knocked him off his feet. He hit the ground hard and let go of his torch, which rolled away and out of the reach of his flailing hand.
Still a touch woozy, Terry swiftly regained his feet and as was about to set off running again, when he felt a heavy blow to the centre of his back, propel him forward. He felt the tide rising in his chest and realising, that he could never hope to outrun the horde, he suddenly called a halt to his flight. He stopped and turned into the wind, to face his pursuers. The vision that met his eyes, came straight from hell. There were hundreds of the hideous birds, hovering just inches away from his face, with their countenances twisted into a snarl and their blood red eyes looking straight at him. Then, within the mass appeared something else. Something larger, darker and deadlier was coming through the rolling and flapping mass of birds. Terry, could plainly see something dire was rapidly approaching. It seemed to be spinning in and out of focus, almost as if it was dancing, as it drew ever closer.

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