Postcards from the Wastelands

1346373451-0 Yule Tide Weapons!

Another day, another planet.
The Glasgow Trash Crash. This could only have happened to the Scots. Life can be a touch cruel and at times like this, you can only laugh, or cry. First a Police helicopter, crashes through a pub roof and then a Bin Wagon, goes rogue, and kills some innocent shoppers, near Glasgow School of Art.
That’s why they invented Whiskey. If you cry hard enough into it, the malted brew, is self sustaining and you will never wish to be sober again……ever.
“I’ll bet, that the unfortunate refuse disposal vehicle, gets put down quietly and conveniently forgotten.”
“Mr. President, we need a Yuletide enemy.”
The limping chunk comes through and saves the whole shebang just in time, so that Uncle Tom Obama, can fuck off to Hawaii and do a little public opinion surfing.
“I really must get my hair cut like the plump leader wishes.”
Did anybody but me notice, that all the women in the choir, of the Chinese Chapter of God’s army, look like the rather stern “Woman in Salmon,” who craps out the thoughts of Chairman Chunk, in North Korea, every night on the news.
Personally, I always reckoned that ‘Babylon 5,’ rented that woman, to be the voice of Earth Force but now, I am reconsidering that position.
Many thanks to News Australis, for providing subtitles for the black Jihadist pseudo flag, that was proudly flown in the Coffee Shop Siege Standoff. All that squiggly writing, simply stated “Lindt Chocolate Shop. Open.”
Dead frightening, I know, so how have I.S.I.S, grabbed so much territory, without any real opposition?
It’s not as if they were using a massive Trebuchet to bombard Aleppo, with marzipan fondant swirls, or walnut whips.
“Perhaps they don’t like chocolate.”
“I never thought of that.”

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