Postcards form the Wastelands

smiffy-inflatable-christmas-roast-turkey-orange-with-santa-hat-and-self-inflating-fan-5206  Excessmass Comes but Once a Year…….Thank Fuck for That!

So it’s time to dig out the fairy lights, replace all those mysteriously malfunctioning bulbs and put the Turkey’s on execution watch. It’s time for all the willing participants to practice the many and differing forms of projectile vomiting and generally pretending to be having a good time.
“What a load of bollocks.”
I may not be “The worlds most naturally jovial chap” at the best of times but when it comes to the top table, of this year’s ‘Fakers Paradise Ball,’ I don’t think I’ll be the only person, who’s actually stood outside in the chill, freezing his nuts off.
The deficit, despite being at the head of Mister Osbourne’s, wish list, simply isn’t going away and the only solution being offered, is more of the same foul tasting medicine.
Didn’t The Wicked Witch of Grantham, try something like this before that house fell on her?
As I recall, wasn’t it good old Joseph Goebbels who said, “If you tell the same lie often enough, it becomes the truth?”
This is what you get, if you blindly believe what our “betters” tell us to believe. The deficit isn’t going down, it’s increasing. The food banks are becoming a way of life for some folks and “Eek alors!” boys are buying skin products.
“Will this torment never end?”
Never mind, there are only X and declining shopping days to go and then it will all start again, as the first “Massive Sale,” gets underway and The Weathermen promise us, a white one next year…… “maybe.”
Just a word here, on the end of this missive regarding the demise of Hereford United F.C.
“It’s beginning people. It’s really happening……….”

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