Death Dances in the Shadows

trenches-toothpaste_flowExcerpt from Chapter 17 of “Powderfinger”
“Typical Sykes,” thought Alex. “Half a story, few of the facts and even less evidence.” Commander Sykes, then thrust his not inconsiderable bulk forward and shouted, “It’s little wonder, that you stalled at DCI Alex, it’s a miracle that you even made it that far. Do you remember, what I told you, all those years ago, when you had that bee in your bonnet about proof of guilt ? I said to you then and I’ll say it again now for your benefit, the fact is we know some of the things, that the criminal would never admit.” He continued without a pause, “Let me tell you, it’s applied pressure, that loosens the lid on a difficult case like this one, and you need to start squeezing the tube a little harder, Mr. Findlay.”
“Not good enough, Sir. We can’t just grab some old homeless bugger and fit him up” he thought to himself.

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