Death Dances on the Shadows

zombies“Powderfinger” excerpt from Chapter 16
Any semblance of doubt and imagined concerns, over future employment, were swept away by Mace, who broke any facade of seriousness by removing the ‘hands’ from the display boards on the table and sloughed around the now silent room, dragging both hands and his left foot, along the tiled floor and calling pitifully, “Brains, brains,” as he approached Alex and Jinx, who were now laughing. “My work here is done,” said Mason, as he carefully replaced the two model’s onto the display boards next to the box marked “Powderfinger,” and left the room. “It’s all well and good to laugh, but applying the information we have at the moment, he’s not so far off the truth. What was it, that Sherlock Holmes said about eliminating the facts?” said Jinx. Silently, they both mouthed the conclusion. “Eliminate them, one by one and all that you are left with, is the truth?”

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