Postcards from the Wastelands

images Simples!

Once again, the powers that be are trying to pull the wool over the sheep’s eyes. Their latest blag, concerns a supposed fear of terrorism and a desire, to keep the public safe by attacking the Internet providers, for not doing their job for them. I can only speak personally but I have no fear of Terrorists. However, I do fear the morons who think that we blindly follow their every word. I mean, how dumb do they think we are?

I noticed the other day, that we are now living in an “Attack Inevitable,” condition, as declared by ‘Theresa May’s Flying Circus’ but would we ever have got to this tragic position, if we hadn’t spent so much time, toadying up to Uncle Tom Obama and his every desire? Don’t think so. This country would do well, to realise it’s true place in this world. We are a small nation, with little, or no influence when it comes to the really big decisions and we haven’t been on ‘the top table’ for decades. It’s time to put these expensive fantasies to bed and grow up.

It might be a good start if we simply butted out of other people’s countries, left them alone and allowed them to be different from us.

Small comment. It would do this place no harm, to criticise our so called friends, when they are blatantly in the wrong, be that Israel, or Palestine. Both are wrong. The Yanks could solve this problem, by simply recognizing and guaranteeing the border between these two naughty children and withdrawing aid, to either of them if they contravene the conditions that are set down. At least, it would be a start. “Simples.”

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