Postcards from the Wilderness

1024px-BH_LMC Black holes and “It’s the economy, stupid!”

The days are getting shorter but there’s only a month to go, before the light starts to increase, again. One minute at each end of the day, may not seem like much but the interest builds up and soon the world, doesn’t seem like so much of a shithole.
‘Till it all starts again.
By then, we’ll have elected another useless ‘coalition of the insane,’ who will be leading us all down from the event horizon, with their doctrines of stone, into the jaws of hell itself.
“Con.Kip,” will suck the ‘British’ people into the black hole, the economy will shrink to the size of a singularity, only to be farted out into the vastness of yet another vacant space, so that we can all try again.
It’s happened before and it will undoubtedly, happen again.
We had our chance when ‘The Crash’ happened but we blew it, big stylee. There was the opportunity to close the markets, wipe the debts and start again, on a level footing……. but that was just too scary or simple a concept for our brave, or should that be stupid leaders, to take on board. After all, money doesn’t really exist, it’s just a concept of tokens we invented and nowadays it’s just a series of numbers held in the worlds ‘banking’ computers.
“When the truth is found, to be lies.”
You see, Hippies weren’t utterly useless, it simply took them longer to explain.

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