Death Dances in the Shadows

Seven+3  “Powderfinger” excerpt from Chapter 13

Cops generally didn’t wear their hair in Dreadlocks, well, not that long anyway. Now he had the intruder in focus, he reasoned, that most policemen were rarely this old and grey.  Nor did they have a passing resemblance to Morgan Freeman, on a very bad day……….

green  Samuel’s Story…….

“It was about a week or so ago, around midnight I guess, I was trying to get my head down, when just as I was nodding off, I heard this sound of something scraping along the opposite bank, disturbing the gravel and making a grunting, guttural sound as it went.” Nick, was now becoming genuinely intrigued by this story, and he raised his head to one elbow facing Samuel. “I popped my head out from under my cardboard boxes to have a look what was making the noises but I could see nothing. It was a bright moonlit night, so visibility was not a problem.” Without any bidding from Nick, he continued, “There was next to no breeze, that evening, so the sounds could not be put down to the wind rustling some unsecured item. I could hear something, or other, traversing the towpath, moving slowly along the opposite shore, as if it were seeking some long lost item.” He took a long deep breath, before he carried on. “The sound grew louder but I still couldn’t see fuck all. Apparently, there was nowt to be seen, just this endless rasping sound and the scraping of the gravel. I have to admit, that I became a bit un-nerved and sank a little further into my cardboard shield. Then, as I was looking down the canal, towards Gildabrooke, out of the corner of my eye, I was suddenly drawn to some movement, on the other side of the water. In the reflection, of the few remaining panes of cracked, grimy glass in those broke down greenhouses, I thought that I could make out a moving, twisting, turning and tumbling bundle of Grey rags with long pale stick like things, scraping along on the ground in front of it. As it passed beyond the reflective surfaces, I lost sight of it and try as I might, I couldn’t find it again. I got no sleep that night, I can tell you and I moved all my stuff down here in the morning.”

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