Death Dances in the Shadows

Another excerpt from “Powderfinger” this time from Chapter 12.
“Is that it?” said Arch impatiently, “I missed half of my breakfast, for that. There’s bugger all there,” he snorted.

“Fuck, fuckety, fuck, fuck,” he grunted, as he stormed out of The Morgue.

“What was all that crap about marsh gas glow and giant fingers?” said Arch, as he and Alex Findlay made their way up to the first floor, hoping that Ralph Jones, the Audio Visual Technician, was going to show them something, he had discovered on one of Eleanor Ross’s photographs, that would give them a start on solving this case. Upon reaching the last step, DCI Findlay halted and asked, “Did you understand any of it, or do you reckon Mason, was just pulling our plonkers in there?” Arch, on hearing his seniors question, also stopped, a half pace in front of him and turning he glibly answered, “Mason’s got a fucking strange sense of humor, as you know Sir, so I don’t think that we should take his Sci-speak babble, too seriously. We’d do just as well enquiring, as to, what is he on?” They both could see the ridiculousness of their position and mutually chuckled as they opened the door and entered the A.V. Lab.

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