Postcards fromthe Wastelands

poppy-0a  Armistice Day

Armistice day comes calling again and for that one day, the nation mourns the fallen. Each year, there is a 24 hour outpouring of convenient grief and then, everything returns to normal, for another 12 months.

The Poppies at the tower of London, were a brilliant idea and only four years early. Not bad for this country, I think, that perhaps the 11th day of November 2018 would have been more meaningful but if the Poppies made this country think about War, in a more realistic light, then a greater purpose has been served.

Crippled soldiers, aren’t hero’s, they are just damaged young chaps and chapesses who will probably spend the rest of their lives, wishing that they could just be normal.  The dead of all these endless wars, that we keep getting ourselves into, aren’t glorious, just ask their living relatives?

Nope, they are simply worm food, that for one day per year we think about. Then conveniently, we forget them, as we launch another drone airstrike, on some anonymous target, located in another war torn piece of desert.


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