Death Dances in the Shadows

BSIP-00059946-001  Excerpt from Chapter 11 of “Powderfinger”:

Jinx, was patiently waiting for him to indicate his readiness for her to continue but nothing was coming, except an all encompassing feeling of revulsion.  So, she saved him from any more thoughts of dread by stating, “You are wondering, what could do that, to a cadaver and what kind of sicko, would derive any pleasure from this kind of butchery.”    She then nodded and finished with, “Correct?”  Findlay was transfixed, he’d seen some sights in his time but this was almost beyond belief.  Both of her eyes were missing and much of the soft tissue on her face had been removed.  “Birds, and the odd rat” said Jinx, motioning towards what was remaining of Eleanor Ross’s head.  “What in less than twenty four hours?” he incredulously inquired.  “Oh yes,” she responded, “it’s a wonder  that there’s still so much flesh still remaining.  I worked a case a few years back, before D.N.A. testing and all we had to go on was a toothless skull on a handless corpse.”  “Did you get your man?” inquired Findlay.  “No, it was a woman but ‘Yes’ we got her.  She got life but she’s probably been out for a few years now.”

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