Death Dances in the Shadows

porte12_l  Another excerpt from “Powderfinger”, this one from Chapter 10:  Lothlorien.

Their search in Victoria Park led them to an old bijou Art Nouveau property at the end of Rutland Avenue, called “Lothlorien.” It was a house lost in time. Drapes hung from the walls and each room, had a large leafy pot plant closely adjacent to the window. Each of which, had leaves that almost filled the entirety of the available space. The decor, was unbelievable. It dated mostly, from the 1920’s and had printed flock wallpapers and richly patterned carpets on the floor. Each room differed from the last, only in the smallest detail and it was mostly decked out in hues of green. “This place is fucking magic,” squeaked Nick. Hugo, simply nodded in agreement and enquired, “Can you imagine, how much this lot cost to put together?” Nick, nodded his head in agreement but was far more interested in the cost of the rental, that a place like this, could command. “You do know, that we’ll never be able to afford this place, I’ll bet, it’s way beyond the means of some little guy’s like you and me, dealing a few ounces of Hash, here and there.”

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