Death Dances in the Shadows


Another excerpt from “Powderfinger” chapter nine:

“Did you see that?” He inquired, with a start. “What,” replied Sara, who had still been looking at her feet, trying to avoid stepping on some pieces of broken glass, that were lying in the middle of the pathway. “Keep it pointing upwards and the next time it flashes, look at the roof.” Almost instantly, the unit fired again and the entire edifice, lit up. “Fucking hell,” they said in unison, as the immensity of this structure hit them. It was as if, they were inside the belly of some great creature. The roof, appeared to be held aloft by a series of evenly spaced black ribs, similar to those, of a great whale, or some other leviathan. They extended, down the sides of the parapet and culminated, at the base of the cluttered walkway.

“It’s no wonder, my Dad calls this place, “The Beast,” said Sara, quietly and strangely, she felt that she was beginning to understand another facet, of her father’s character, one that she had not fully appreciated, before she had undertaken this jaunt, with Martin. “There sure were some weird dudes, hanging around back then,” he muttered, as the darkness, was again, dispelled by a blinding flash of light, which enabled him make his way, over to one of the smashed metal window frames. “Look at all this black stuff,” Martin ran his finger along one of the broken metal window frames and held up his stained fingers. “It’s the Tar, that built up over years,” responded Sara, “I think it’s been like this for ages,” she said, quietly. Martin, was lost in the past, “can you imagine, walking through this bleak tunnel every day, on your way to work. Jesus, it must have felt like you were being swallowed by the place, you were consumed at the beginning of your stint, in there,” he looked towards the gate with the metal birds, as he spoke the words, “only to be shit back out, at the conclusion of every day.”

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