Postcards from the Wastelands

lightning-strikes_1452610i  Vote Lightening!

Last night, I watched the three main Political Party’s make a real dogs dinner of trying to cover their arses, without offending anyone. It was truely pitiful.
The Tories, suggested that a vote for UTRIP at the next election, would guarentee to put Ed Millipeed in Downing St.
The Labourious Party, would not answer the simplest of question and merely kept on refering to the inquiry that is being held by The Electoral Commision, regarding future Television debates, now that there was a UTRIP M.P, in The House of Commons. He apparently, didn’t have a single original thought of his own, in his head.
The Lib Dem, just blustered away, talking about protest votes and the seat in Clacton reverting to normal, come The General Election.
“What’s normal?”
There was no Green Party member on the panel, even though they too have got a seat in Westminster, in the shape of Caroline Lucas.
It’s no wonder this Island (The U..K), is falling apart, when this lot are all we’ve got to offer the electorate.
Where are the radical policies and the inspiring individuals, who offer some hope for a better tomorrow?
Search me and it’s no use looking to Westminster, they’re all just gottiderts who spout the Party line, be it wrong, or even wronger.
Still, we had a tremendous thunderstorm the other night, that was so loud it frightened the dogs.
“Vote Thunder & Lightening.”
Right, I’m off now and while something definately stinks in the belly of this country. May I suggest a good dose of Andrews Liver Salts and then, we can all fart our way to oblivion.

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