Postcards from the Wastelands

alhambra-palace-3      Another Weekend to Die in Alhambra Palace.

Jihadi John, George, Paul, or Ringo. What’s the difference?    The Arabs call them, “Daish,” (allowing for pronunciation).    “We loathe you, yeah, yeah, yeah.” They’re not coming here, they want to re-establish a Caliphate, that died in Spain centuries ago (1354) and isn’t going to make a repeat appearance any day soon. These idiots, are mentally ill and have nothing to do with modern Moslems, who are gentle people. I have never met a nasty follower of The Prophet. All the Moslems that I have met, are some of the nicest folks that I’ve ever come across.    The Alhambra, in Granada is just a tourist attraction nowadays. “Suck it up you fucking morons.”

I sit here listening to Classical Music and it calms my soul. At this moment, I’m hammering Einaudi, ‘cos his stuff stops me screaming.    “Jihadi’s to the left of me, Jihadi’s to the right of me.”

This world of lunatics is going to burn, while governments do nothing to douse the flames.    One beheaded taxi driver, from Eccles and another unfortunate Yank to follow. A Gay guy imprisoned in Morocco and “The peoples Dave, just reiterates the same old lines. “No deals, no surrender” and more people die at the hands of our leaders total inability to think the impossible and then, of coarse there’s Ebola.   “If dreams were wishes, then we’d all be well.”    Fat chance.

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