Postcards from the Wastelands

newborough  Weekends

What would your life be like, if it wasn’t so fucking chaotic? Sorry, it’s my fault for being such a dope. I get so used to people out here on Anglesey, being online all the time, (distance and the state of the roads), that I have a tendency to assume that everybody is just like “we Islanders.” Life out here, would be damn near impossible without computers etc. Nearly all of our shopping and the obtaining of stuff, is a matter of ‘Click and load.’

Ever wondered, why don’t politicians just tell the truth, instead of playing the hard man? Finding one man, in the middle of a desert is akin to locating one black grain of sand in The Sahara. It’s thought to there but what are the chances of tracking it down, if it keeps on moving? Surely it’s easier to just say, “We haven’t got a clue where to look” and a darned site more honest but I suppose that’s what makes a leader popular with the ‘planks.’

How long is it going to be, before the world wakes up to the simple fact, that there are just too many of us on this planet? We continually find new ways of having more unnecessary children and wether it’s artificial insemination, frozen eggs, or a donated womb it makes no difference. We won’t be happy until every corner of this small world, is filled with human leaches and there are no wild areas, or animals left. 52% less creatures inhabit this place nowadays, than did 30 years ago. Doesn’t that tell you something? A good pandemic, wouldn’t go amiss right now. Ebola, is not the one, we need something similar to whatever it is that thinned us out in “The Last Ship.” Which I must say, is just another load of American bullshit but the concept is very tempting.

Went for a meal, with a couple of old friends this weekend and had cracking time. It’s good to chew the cud with your chums occasionally. Sure beats the shit, that unfolds on the T.V, or watching that dumb fucker Jeremy Kyle spout his ignorance, on a daily basis and that rabble in the studio with him are simply unpaid sheep.

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