Death Dances in the Shadows

“Powderfinger” now published and sent to the distributers!

Excerpt from Chapter 4 of “Powderfinger”

Once ensconced inside his car, a rather beaten up but well loved 15 year old machine, Nick turned on his trusty iPod and began to fully relax in its well moulded leather seat, for the first time in what seemed like an age. Maybe it was the music, or more likely it was simply, that Valerie B. couldn’t reach him in his “metal box of solitude.” He had felt her presence all too clearly today. With a shrug of his shoulders, he turned the key and started “Deek,” the name he had given to the old Volvo, due to it’s number plate which was WDK 277. He had considered the fact that WDK was dyslexic text speak for “wicked” but that didn’t sit right, so he christened the old dear “Deek.” She had 147,000 miles on the clock and had never given him a moments trouble. So, with the Beatles blasting out through the speakers, he pulled out of the car park and set off for his home in Willowbank. He wasn’t turning around again, not even if the place was on fire, which on consideration, wasn’t be such a bad idea right now. Helter Skelter, rather aptly came pouring out of the rather expensive, constantly updated in-car stereo system, and Nick howled along to the lyrics.

Helter Skelter

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