Postcards from the Wastelands

images-3  Manchester Dogs Home and General Observations.

Jesus Man, I heard the news about the dogs home on the radio and just couldn’t believe it.    Some 15 year old fuck, had set fire to the place and killed 53 animals. If it was up to me, I’d tie the piece of shit to a pole and light the blue touch paper. That twat, doesn’t deserve to live.    Alternately, I would happily volunteer to beat the little shit to death with a baseball bat and now, I hear that they’ve given him Bail.     Unbelievable.    It’s no wonder the Police get called Pigs. Heads in the swill and all that. Fuck them too.     However, it seems that some of us still have a soul and wads of cash and human decency, have poured in to help the home get back on it’s feet, although how you do that, after all that horror is a hard ask.     I’m still insanely angry about this and I’m probably not the best person to talk to about it at present.

Each day, the stuff on news just gets worse and then Nicolas Witch-hell is released from his security cage as  Putin the Impaler, steps back into the shadows and the top of the news, reports on “Stick woman,” having a second sprog. Whoop-di-do another fucking regal tit sucker. Just what we needed.    “Prince Bill of Cambridge, clutters the place up some more.”

On the choice of names, put a quid on “Leroy,” and go back to your constituencies and prepare to rake in the readies.

The other hot option, is “Rollo.” Maybe a bit of an outside punt but who knows if the cookie will crumble in that direction?

I quite like Wayne as well. It has a ring to it.   “Prince Wayne.”    If it’s a girl, I’m favoring, “Jolene.”    Can you dig it?

Uncle Tom Obama.    ISIS, ISOL, or IS, see the trick? Unless the planks of this man’s world get some official clarity, we’re all fucked over, for ever.     The numbers of Islamic fighters, just keeps on going up by the week and the count, that they feed us, is simply whatever they think we can tolerate.    “Scare the people into silence and then you can start the bombing campaign and get away with it.”    Vote Tory, Liberal or Labour and have war without end.    Nowadays, we’re Greens in this house. Red socialism is dead, Blair saw to that and Milibland, is hardly likely to rock any boats as he strives for power.

What with Ebola, and Mad Shark Disease.     “Sensation, British man, get himself chomped by a Great White, off Barnacle Bay,”  or wherever it was.  It sounds like another badly written episode of “Neighbours,” that went tragically wrong?

I give up.

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