Death Dances in the Shadows

Powderfinger  “Powderfinger”  Autumn.  Chapter two.

A second excerpt from my new book due to be published very soon.

Nick was standing on the second floor in room 17, gazing out from one of the large windows, at the front of St. Joseph’s Probation Hostel. The view was over the delapidated canal bank to the “Raven’s Gate Bridge” was a melancholy one. The Baroque replica of the Venetian Bridge of Sighs, stained black and yellow by the old Tar Works, stood forlorn. Hopefully it would soon be fully restored during the redevelopment of the canal bank. Then, slowly from the direction of the main road, he noticed a stream of Red and Blue flashing lights, coming over the road bridge, running the red light and turning right, towards The Hostel. His thoughts instantly centered on the inmates in his charge. Nick’s heart sank, “What have they done now?”


Joe, stopped and looked down at the pattern of the scuff marks, with their periodic stops and turns. Then he observed the fact that the steps were now further apart and had a deeper indentation in the shale. “It appears, that she was being pursued,” he concluded dramatically, while suddenly standing upright. “Look here,” he continued, pointing his finger down the towpath and away towards the stones of Jenkins’ Hollow. “She maybe hears something behind her, so she stops to have a look.” He then moved a few more steps down the bank. “Perhaps she sees nothing, but as you can see, she carries on walking only now her pace is quicker.” Then, he took several steps, before stopping again and declaring, “Here,” he stood and pointed towards the ground. “Here, our victim becomes aware of her pursuer and starts to run, probably, going for the up ramp, that will get her off the canal bank and safety, but as we all know, she didn’t make it.” After a long reflective silence, Joe broke the spell. “It’s all very weird, it seems impossible but there are only one set of footprints to be seen. Look as closely as you choose, you can’t see any other marks on the ground. You can clearly see, where she stated to run but from whom? They end here where the body was found” There was no other evidence. Nothing.


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