Postcards from the Wastelands



Music “round these parts,” is going through something of a revelatory moment, or two. I blame the YouTube to MP3 converter. I’ve been able to put loads of different stuff on the “The Devils, good old jukebox from Hades.” I blame Mr. Jobs and his fruity friends for that revelation.    Along with quite a few early Dead and Airplane albums, I’ve now acquired quite a large collection of “supoib,” Krautrock. Tangerine Dream, Neu and Co. Plus, a long held taste for Arabic tunes is now nearing MP3 completion.    “Far out, Man.”     You really should give some of them a whirl.    “Solid.”    “Tight also.”     You think that’s bad, just wait till you get an earful of some of the “Ambient Space Night,” stuff.  I’ve got one, that’s 10 hours long and it’s “fucking, fucking relaxing.”     It might be an age thing, or locational in it’s nature but I’m really enjoying the trip.    “Fast and bulbous the mascara snake.”       

“My parents once told me, that there were no monsters but there are, aren’t there?”    

Loaf & Peas.

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