Death Dances in the Shadows

Autumn  This is an excerpt from chapter one of my new novel “Powderfinger” to be published shortly.  This chapter is set in Autumn.


By now, she was starting to attract unwanted attention from drunken males exiting “The Goose.” A decision needed to be made. She moved to check out the towpath. Having negotiated the steps down to the water’s edge, she stopped and looked back along the still waterway, for any signs of danger. Satisfied there was nothing, Debra turned and stood, hands on hips to steady herself, as she surveyed the long straight waterway that stretched off into the distance before her. She observed nothing of any consequence, even the sound of the lessening traffic on the roadway above her was, for a few brief moments, silent. Down on the towpath, the only discernible movement was the gentle breeze that had been blowing all night long, and now it ruffled a few loose strands of her long hair. Debra, quickly swept them aside and zipped up her black leather jacket against the chill of the early autumn night, before shoving her hands in her pockets and decisively setting off down by the water’s edge, for home.

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