Postcards from the Wastelands

robinw      Robin Williams. To be honest, he wasn’t one of my favourites. After “Good Morning Vietnam,” I lost touch with his career. GMV, was an amusing, bittersweet tale of a clash with authority and after that, I got distracted until “Good Will Hunting.” Personally, I never did find him very funny, I know lots of other people did but I must have been out of the room at the time. I was initially put off, by “Mork & Mindy,” and then later by “Mrs Doubtfire.”     Still, it’s a shame for his family but Manic Depression is  a monster. So many of it’s victim’s, commit suicide as they get a little older and he was also lured by the ever present “Lord’s of The Darkness,” drink and drugs. Which you can bet were not what they call recreational. The man had a whole nest of problems.    However, nobody deserves to go like that. “Slashy, slashy. Hangy, throttly.” Now, what was wrong with getting a gun. Fuck me, it’s America after all?

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